Two-stage or Dual Stage Furnace: What You Need To Know


A furnace can be considered an important part of the welfare of your house. It is necessary to choose a qualitative and suitable furnace for your apartments.

What is a Single and Dual Stage Furnace?

A single stage furnace is less expensive and more available for common Canadians. It is pretty simple in exploitation. There is also two (or dual) stage furnace, which is more optional and reliable. Its system can control a flame, and that means you are able to set the required temperature. In addition, there is no need to worry about changes of temperature. The heat level will be changed only if you set it.

When Do You Need to Set the Furnace?

There is a question, when it is better to buy and set the new furnace. At first, you should engage an expert in furnace service in Canada. It’s important to find exactly a professional, because there are a lot of details, which must be taken into account. Of course, it’s better to start living in a new place with a furnace, because a desired temperature in your house can be called one of the first necessary things of your comfort.

Eliminating Rats Inside Your Loft Space


A lot of you now of year have heard sounds inside your loft space. It seems like an elephant but be assured its rats that are inside your loft space. Lots of people wonder how they got there. Among the important places to examine the cover where your air conditioning enters your house

Small gaps are big enough for almost any rat to achieve access. There are many methods to close this kind of access. Understand that there’s an extremely strong chance of trapping rats inside your loft space should if found that you’ve found a gap consider calling in an expert pest control service provider before sealing it.

More chaos can be caused by caught rats within the loft. Rats are cannibalistic naturally of course if caught without any supply of food they will even eat other rats to get a snack. Attempting to get some shut eye during a rat battle within your loft space is not very easy as you will hear several bumps and bangs throughout the night.

Who Needs Air Duct and furnace Cleaning?


Air ducts and furnaces are easily overlooked even during the most thorough house cleaning. Recently, there has been a large push from numerous sources regarding the importance of having the air ducts cleaned regularly. It is true that a large quantity of dust in your home can affect your health in various ways. However, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this fear may be largely unfounded. Not everyone needs to have their air ducts cleaned as  there are only certain situations in which a thorough cleaning is warranted. In this article, we will look at why you might not need your ducts cleaned, and then examine a list of possible reasons to contact a reliable air duct cleaning service.

The EPA reports that there has never been any conclusive evidence presented to show that having your air ducts cleaned prevents health problems. A high particulate level in your home can cause breathing difficulties and other health problems, but there is no reason to believe that these particulates are from your air ducts. Particulates can be tracked in from outside, and are also created from indoor activities like smoking, cooking, and cleaning. The light amount of dust found in most air duct systems is not enough to be harmful itself.

In some cases, you should have your air ducts cleaned. One of these is any time you see evidence of mold growing inside your ducts. Mold spores can be much more damaging to your health than simple dust, and should be removed from your house as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that simply removing the mold does not correct the source of the problem. If the cause of the mold is not treated, it will most likely return.